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                                  Scotts Valley Unified School District

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                                  Important Update from Superintendent Regarding Re-opening of Schools - July 20th

                                  Hello Scotts Valley Community,


                                  As you know, we’ve been working throughout the summer on reopening plans based on the most recent guidelines and directives. In June, we prepared for higher restrictions for our  reopening plans, given the current guidance at that time.  At the end of June, we were told to work toward returning with medium restrictions. The survey we sent out Wednesday, July 15th, provided us good information regarding families preferring full time distance instruction or partial in-person instruction. Last Friday, July 17th, Governor Newsom announced additional and updated criteria for the reopening of schools, which would require us to prepare to shift again. An important directive that he gave was that no school can re-open for in-person instruction if the County has been on the State Watchlist within the prior 14 days. We have been informed that this week Santa Cruz County is going to be placed on the State Watchlist. Therefore, we are being asked to prepare for the start of the school year with fully remote instruction. 


                                  I apologize for the back-and-forth messaging regarding the reopening of school, but please know we are responding to each new set of guidelines and directives provided as quickly as possible. We are continuing to assess survey results, and will use the feedback to help us plan for the possibility of students returning in person.  However, our focus now has to be on preparing for the high probability of the start of school with fully remote instruction.


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                                  Tanya Krause


                                  Senior Portraits courtesy of Covello & Covello Photography


                                  SOAR Days (Student Orientation And Registration) Schedule (link):


                                  Juniors - Tuesday, August 18th

                                  Sophomores - Wednesday, August 19th

                                  Freshmen - Thursday, August 20th




                                  Teacher Directory/Websites: Click to Access

                                  School Closure Communications

                                  Community Service: CS Alternatives during school closure - released 3.31.20

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                                  Important Update from Superintendent Regarding Re-opening of Schools - July 20th Posted 7/20/20
                                  California Top School Districts Posted 3/11/20
                                  Registration 2020 Posted 1/9/20
                                  Library Book Returns

                                  If your student is done with their library book and you would like to return it before it gets lost, that is now possible. We have put a library book cart just inside the front doors at the high school office.

                                  Feel free to stop by during office hours and put the book on the cart. It will get checked in by the librarian. Textbook check in will happen at another time.





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                                  In an Emergency

                                  In the event of a crisis situation we may not be able to answer calls or receive visitors on campus.  In these circumstances, information & instructions will be posted on the District's Website. 

                                  When we are not able to answer our telephones or are unreachable, additional news may be heard by tuning to KSCO am1080 or via local television news stations.

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                                  We're here to help, let us know about cases of bullying, academic dishonesty, mental health issues, drug abuse, etc.

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                                  ♦   8:30 am - 3:00 pm

                                  ♦   Monday - Friday

                                  ♦   831-439-9555

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                                  ♦  831-439-9526

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                                  SVHS 2019 WASC Report

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